July 5, 2022

77 - How to Change Your Mindset to Make Better Decisions with Kristin Frade

In this episode, we sat down with one of Novus Global's Executive Coaches, Kristin Frade who has more than a decade of experience in teaching, training, and mentoring Executives and Entrepreneurs. She shares with us how she finds fulfillment in helping others create positive impact and success in what they’re called for.

During our discussion, she emphasized the importance of really understanding her clients’ needs and the process she takes in helping them make better-informed decisions, especially when they’re working on switching careers.


LinkedIn: Kristin Frade - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinfrade/

Website: Novus Global - https://novus.global/

Facebook: Kristin Frade Coaching - https://www.facebook.com/kristinfradecoaching

Instagram: @kristinfrade - https://www.instagram.com/kristinfrade/

Email: kristinfrade@novus.global


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